Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching, or often referred to as forestry mowing, is a service that eliminates brush and small trees with a heavy duty mulcher/mower.

Whether it’s your back yard, fence line or entire parcel, our skid loader mounted forestry mower makes quick work of heavy brush and small trees.

Trail Building

Looking for better access to your property? Whether you need a road in and out of your property or a full trail system for walking or fire breaks we can help.

Prairie Maintenance and Restoration

Prairie mowing or prescribed burning to maintain a healthy Prairie. Other services include invasive species removal, seeding and restoration.

Right-of-Way Clearing

Clearing Right-of-Ways for highway departments, utility easements, or clearing for property boundaries and markers.

Chemical Vegetation Control

Licensed Applicator for use of Pesticides in the State of IL with three Endorsements:  Right-of-Way: such as road ways, fence lines, parking lots, ditches, pipelines, powerlines, etc. Forestry:  Woodland/Timber areas for invasive species, 100% vegetation control, etc.  Aquatics:  areas such as ditches with standing water, shorelines and bodies of water.

Custom Firewood Processing

Our Multitek firewood processor is fully mobile to come to you and process your logs into usable firewood. Whether it’s boiler stove wood for personal use or you’re a retail firewood seller, this service is for you.

Land Clearing

Clearing of trees, brush and stumps to make way for your building site or roadway.

Tree Planting

Service includes planting of windbreaks, post timber harvest planting or general tree planting on your property.

Firewood Sales

We offer premium hardwood firewood. With a mix of oak, walnut, ash, cherry, elm and hackberry, our firewood is fully seasoned and ready for your fireplace or wood stove.

We also offer boiler stove wood for your outside wood boiler.